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Meet Your Photographer

Hi! I’m Ashlee Cobcroft and I’m your photographer at Dusk + Vine Photography. I am dedicated to capturing moments in an artistic, real and unique way and want you to cherish these amazing personal experiences forever.

My heart is with New born and Family photography. I just adore watching new parents breathe in their new love and capturing the preciousness of a baby. Those tiny fingers and toes and soft baby skin.

With Family photography, I love being able to watch the interactions between family members, the unconditional love and connection.

My Family

I am a wife to an amazingly supportive husband and mother of two beautiful babes who are my muses. I never want to forget their tininess, their soft perfect skin, their untamed hair and their unique characters.

I want to capture these perfect details for you too…as we know, they change right before our eyes.

I am professionally trained in photography and more importantly new born and child safety and posing. I have a Diploma of Fine Arts specialising in Photography and a Certificate 4 in Design specialising in photography. 

In 2021 I became the #3 top ten Australian Photography Business of the year recipient PLUS #2 NSW Photography Business of the year recipient and #2 NSW Photography Business of the year recipient in 2020.

Thank you for trusting me to capture your moments.