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Help! What do we wear?!

Help! What do we wear?!

You’ve booked in your family session and now to choose what to wear. This can seem daunting for some, but don’t stress! Here are some helpful hints to creating the perfect wardrobe for any session.

  • Start with one persons outfit – this is usually the Mothers. And then choose outfits around that outfit

  • Neutral tones or tones in similar colour palettes work well

  • Avoid logos where possible – do you want to look back at your images in years to come and be staring at a massive logo across a tee? Can be very distracting!

  • Stay true to your own style and be comfortable

  • Think of the end image/product – you are after a large framed print for above your lounge…what colours and tones have you styled your house in? Will your print art of your image fit in nicely?

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